Ragweed literature

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Firth Author Year Full citation Keywords
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flowering behavior, inflorescence, seasonal expression, Ambrosia trifida, Ambrosia artemisiifolia
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pollen, ragweed, respiratory allergy, sensitization
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Ragweed fields, spatial remote sensing, Terra ASTER
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Ambrosia, buried seeds, germination ecology, secondary dormancy
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Ambrosia artemisiifolia, distribution, spreading, pathways of introduction, Germany, biology, invasive alien plant
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plant succession, annual, perennial, seed germination, early invader
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Australia, ragweed, Tibouchina, respiratory allergy, Southern Hemisphere, pollen
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Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., France, spread, sunflower seed
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Clay 2006 Clay S.A., B. Kreutner, and F. Forcella, 2006. Spatial distribution, temporal stability, and yield loss estimates for annual grasses and common ragweed (Ambrosia artimisiifolia) in a corn/soybean production field over nine years. Weed Science 54:380-390
economic threshold, geostatistics, incremental yield loss, kriging, precision
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Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., pollen transport, Switzerland